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Advanced Generated Dialogs

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In December 2023, after releasing our teaser, we revisited the topic of in-game dialogue scenes, exploring different ways to make them more dynamic and immersive.

Advanced Generated Dialogs

Key Takeaways:

  • We've reached a significant milestone in simulating dialogues, aiming for a more cinematic experience.

  • Studio D-ID creates stunning animations, especially when the character is facing the camera.

  • Facial expressions, particularly emotions, still fall short of our expectations.

Long ago in the world of Generative AI...

In July 2023, we conducted our initial dialogue tests. However, as we shifted towards photorealism, we found it unfortunate to stick to conventional standards when new possibilities from AI allowed us to explore promising avenues, especially in cinema.

Dialogue Test in July 2023

We executed a first dialogue test using previously designed assets with a simple shot/reverse shot.

Cinematic Trial for RPG, Space Cruiser

This first attempt proved successful, although we identified some limitations, which I'll explain later. In terms of software, we utilized:

  • Stable Diffusion for outputting our assets.

  • Chat GPT to craft dialogues related to our universe and progression.

  • Studio D-ID to animate our assets with previously created dialogues.

Towards Cinema

While our initial attempt set us on the right path, we identified two major issues. 

First, the camera angle presented challenges for Studio ID when tracking the character in three dimensions, especially when the character is not facing forward. Limiting our camera movement options. 

Second, our characters lacked emotions, reciting their lines without variation, making our initially humor-infused generated dialogues sound artificial. To avoid dissonance during interpretation, we adjusted them to a more serious tone.

With these initial conclusions, We decided to go further by incorporating an introductory scene to facilitate contextualization. We also included a shot where the character's back was visible in the reverse shot to increase dialogue immersion.

Space Cruiser RPG Cinematic Trial with a situational plan

It's worth noting that in the reverse shots where the character's back is visible, we created an animation on Pika Labs, blending it with Studio D-ID's video to eliminate the photo-like sensation, even though the result is not yet optimal.

Never Truly Finished

We are continually working to improve these scenes, even though we are currently constrained by technical limitations. We stay updated on industry developments and hope to soon integrate a side shot where both characters will be visible.

Image generated by Comfy UI, consistent character issue in image 3


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