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AI's the limit!
Game generation in play

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About PopScreen Games


Experience the AI Innovation in RPG

PopScreen Games, a Mobile-First RPG studio, is shaking up the gaming industry with its use of generative AI Open Source tools. This innovative approach allows the studio to rapidly and extensively create, test, and cherry-pick top-quality RPGs, from game content to marketing material. We are also constructing an intuitive distribution platform designed to give players the power to create and distribute their own games and media content!

Our Games


From handcrafted games to generated games, we always deliver the best! 


Envisioning Game Multiplicity with Generative AI and Our Game Engine

Thanks to Open Source Gen AI tools, we have the ability to massively produce games and significantly increase our content creation velocity. Based on our existing RPG LiveOps game engine (used on Wacky Battles), all these dream games will come to fruition very quickly.

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